Zain Javadd "Zayn" Malik who records mononymously as Zayn (sometimes stylised in all capital letters), is an English singer and songwriter and former One Direction member. He left the band in 2015, to pursue a solo career.


  • Mind Of Mind (2016)
  • Icarus Falls (2018)

Relation with HarryEdit

  • Zayn was a member of One Direction with Harry Styles.
  • Both were friends during their time in One Direction.
  • Zayn once told Harry that he was going to leave the band on the 30th of February. Harry cried the whole day, later realizing that there is no February 30.
  • Zayn was once calling Harry, but he wasn't answering his phone. Zayn later found out that he wasn't answering because he like his ringtone.
  • Whenever it was the time for the boys to share their beds, Zayn and Harry always shared the same one.
  • Once they were walking in the park and Zayn saw a dead bird. He yelled, "Look! A dead bird!" Harry looked up to the sky and replied, "Where?!"
  • Zayn held Harry's hand while he was getting his tattoo done.
  • Harry admitted that if he was a girl, he would have a crush on Zayn.
  • They both used to chat a lot and were best mates, before they were put in the band.
  • During Zayn's solo of "More Than This", Harry would randomly say words just to distract Zayn.
  • Zayn loved to play with Harry's curls because they were always "so curly".
  • Harry's admits that he rather kiss Zayn than Selena Gomez.
  • Zayn once stole Harry's Mickey and Minnie bag.
  • Zayn and Harry got grounded for sneaking out and going to a backpackers pub.